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2017/8月 巴基斯坦 Snow lake trek

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目的地: 巴基斯坦   時間: 2017 八月   人數: 6-10   預算: ~2000+美金 不含國際機票   聲明: 需預收費用   

2017年8月初開始我想要招人一起走巴基斯坦的Snow lake trek 雪湖


Duration: 15 Days
Trip Nature: Adventure Max Altitude: 5151m Trek Grade: Strenuous ( *****)

Biafo & Hispar glaciers are listed among the list of longest glaciers in the world. A trekking route from Baltistan to Hunza Valley on these glaciers is the longest glacial traverse in the world apart from the snow lands of the two poles. The trekking route is rarely done, which makes it more interesting as the campsites are clean and less polluted. Starting our walk from Askole, we climb up Biafo Glacier and arrive at the vast bowl of snow called Snow Lake, which covers an area of 77 square kilometers. The great world explorers have mentioned the area in their accounts while Tillman claimed to witness the presence of a mythical creature, the Yeti, as he saw its footprint around Snow Lake. Biafo Glacier is also known as the home of the brown bear. Geologists and other experts have measured the depth of the glacier to be as deep as one and half kilometers ( about one mile ) at points. Hispar Pass is a vast plateau of snow and ice from where trekking routes lead to Nagar, Hunza and to Shimshal. Crossing the Hispar La at 5151m/16,998ft we descend into the Nagar region. Although we cross the highest point of the trek we still must negotiate several of the glacier tails flowing down from the mountains. The reward of this effort is the green and lovely campsite before arriving in Nagar and then drive to Hunza Valley.This strenuous trek has many stories about it that tell us of the ethno-cultural link between the Brushos of Hunza and Nager and the Baltis of erstwhile Shigar state.

Day 01: Arrival in Islamabad. Altitude: 1000m Condition: moderate. Guide of the Adventure zone Pakistan and staff will meet you at the airport and shift you to the hotel. After lunch you can enjoy an explore beautiful capital city Islamabad visit the Shah Faisal Mosque, Shakar Parian and Daman-e-koh to catch a bird's eye view of Islamabad city . In the evening you will invite a welcome Traditional local dinner. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Accommodation: Chilas in Hotel, Chilas, panorama hotel, Indus hotel Skardu.

Day 02: Fly or drive to Skardu/chils 1/24 hours. Altitude: 2000m, Condition: moderate. Early in the morning you will transfer to be at the airport in time for your flight to Skardu. If the weather is good, we will fly and we'll be able to see three highest mountains ranges Karakoram, Hindukush, Himalaya and Indus River the third longest in Asia . To our east is K2 Broad Peak , GI, GII , Nanga Parbat and other 6000 m 7000m countless peaks and glaciers. It is sometime possible to catch a glimpse of K2 in the distant before our dramatic landing at Skardu. On arrival we are welcome by our staff with jeeps and transfer you to the hotel in Skardu city town . We have some time to explore the town and Sightseeing in Skardu and surrounding areas during the day. For those seeking a good overview of Skardu, or a place from which to photograph the sunset, Kharfocho Fort is a good spot. If the flight is cancel because of bad weatheror other reason, we will travel to by road on Karakoram Highway (KKH) along the Indus rever to Chilas. The drive is compensated by the beautiful scenery along the Karakoram highway. The journey on the Karakoram Highway is most exciting and thrilling and following the ancient Silk route along the Indus Valley to arrive at Chilas with many rocks carving and inscriptions along the way left by Chinese pilgrims and ancient travelers of 5th century A.D. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Accommodation: Comfort Inn, Regency Hotel Islamabad.

Day 03: Chils to Skardu. 9 hours. Altitude: 2000m, Condition: moderate. After breakfast we will set out towards Skardu and after jeglod and will able to see view o Nanga 8126m parbat and the tree highest mountain ranges Himalaya, Karakora,and Hindukush meeting point and finally we will arrive in skardu passing Rundo valley from Hramosh we can see Haramosh peak also.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Indus hotel Skardu, snow land palace Hotel Skardu.

Day 04: Skardu rest day. Day four would be rest day for clearance of documents.

Day 05: Skardu to Askole. 7/8 hours. Drive . Altitude: 3050m, Condition:Normal. We rise early and after breakfast drive to Shigar is a history-soaked medieval town. There is also a heritage Palace cum Fort (Fong khar), The Khanqah Moalla and Amburiqu mosque are famous for its uniquely carved wooden windows and meditation cells.Then an exciting jeep journey takes us through the landscapes and fields of the Shigar Valley before the road narrows to a mountain track leading to the road head at Askole, the last inhabitancy on our way to the great glaciers. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping.
原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=1813494

Day 06: Askoli to Namla. 5/6 hours. Altitude: 3380, Condition: hard. After breakfast we leave the last inhabited village Askole. After one hour walk we come across an old polo field call kasar polo ground . Passing through a rock gap we inter in Biafo glacier. The Biafo Glacier is 63 Km long which descends from the central peaks of the Karakoram and flows East into the Braldu Valley at a point about 10 Km east of Askole. After two and a half hour treks a long and up and down walk we reach in lunch place. camp site where we take lunch break and after lunch we start trek towards Namla after two hours walk over a steep up left we reach in namla camp side . Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day 07: Namla to Baintha . 5/6 hours. Altitude: 4020, Condition: hard stony. After breakfast we start our trek today our trek follows a series of moraine ridges which run along the centre of the glacier. We trek along 3 hours until we reach a point where the glacier becomes contorted, where we take rest for our lunch and we continue along the glacier on a somehow more difficult trail by working our way through a maze of jumbled boulders to reach the central moraines which provide an easier route along the centre of the glacier. Hispar pass can be viewed while walking on trail. and up to another pleasant meadow in a green ablation valley named Mango, giving us a fantastic views down the valley.We will establish our campsite in a grassy area dotted with bushes, very near the junction of Biafo and Baintha glaciers. May be lucky enough to spot mountain ibex at nearby crags. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day 08: Baintha to Marfogoro . 6/7 hours. Altitude: 4400, Condition: hard icy. Tearly in the mornig after breakfast we start trek on a green meadow after one hour walk we reach a crevassed iced field, by roping up to safe-guard against hidden crevasses through a crevassed iced field, by roping up to Biafo and Simgang glaciers to Marfogoro camp under a beautiful rocky peaks , a grassy campsite in an ablation valley with fresh water and wild flower is called Marfo goro camp Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day 09: Marfogoro to karfo Goro. 5/6 hours. Altitude: 4780, Condition: hard icy. after breakfast we start trek on icy glacier This is a steady walk on snow covered ice to the Sim Gang Basecamp, closer to Hispar La. Today we get incredible views on our way, most impressive is the Sosbun Brak and Snow Lake, marking out the intersection of Biafo and Hispar glacier. The name snow lake was given in 1892 by W Martin Conway the first foreign visitors. This huge basin of snow and ice (about 9.5 Km) circled with snow-capped granite peaks, offers a breathtaking panorama. and crossing many cervices and climb little upside we will arrive in stony karfo goro camp. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day 10: karfo Goro to Snow lake Hisper La. 6/7 hours. Altitude: 5151, Condition: icy and snow. Today we have an early start, climbing steadily towards the vast pass plateau. Today we will use rope and need to travel roped together to negotiate the central section of the Hispar Glacier, where several giant crevasses exists. Then a fairly gentle climb to the crest of the pass rewards us with one of the most incredible views at campsites with stunning views straight down the Hispar Glacier to the mountains of the Nagar region. Great expanse of the Sim Gang basin and the mighty peak of the Bainth braq ,Ogre latoq are the mesmerizing views on Shigar side. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Camping
原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=1813494

Day 11: Snow lake Hisper La to Kani basa. 6/7 hours. Altitude: 4580, Condition: icy and snow. Today we have an early start, Today Descending to Khanibasa again requires to be roped up from the crest of the pass. After about one hour or two the glacier flattens out and soon we leave the snow and can un-rope. The trail carries on through scree and moraines, flanked with iced-falls to reach our campsite Khani Basa, situated in an ablation valley by the Khani Basa glacier. Meals:Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day12: Kanibasato to Dachigan . 6/7hours.Altitude:3800,Condition:icy and stony. After breakfast an early start, Today We cross the Khani Basa glacier and get superb views of smooth white dome Kanjut Sar at 7760 m. There are some awkward moraines to cross, and several small streams which are best crossed as early in the morning as possible before the glacial waters begin to flow. Our campsite is at Jutmal, on a flat sheltered field in the ablation valley with running water, with bushes and wild flowers in surrounding.We cross some ice walls and crevasses along the way to Yutmaru glacier, a tributary of Hispar glacie having views of Kanjut Sar, Pumari Chish and Kunjang Chish after some walk from Yutmaru glacier. Beyond Yutmaru path follows a series of pleasant meadows with streams flowing through them. Water is needed to be filled in bottles as there is no water along the trail then we will arrive in Dachigan campsite. Meals:Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day13: Dachigan to Hisper Vellage/Hunza. 6/7hours.Altitude:3250,Condition: hard. Today after breakfast trek begins by crossing an awkward moraine, before we reach the confluence of the Hispar and Pumari Chish Glaciers. We cross the glacier on moraines and follow a steep path on the west side of the glacier, finally reaching our campsite at Dachiganorchards and terraced fields This is an easy day of walking through pastures crossing a number of streams, whose water swell considerably once the afternoon snow melt has flowed into them. We cross the Kiang Glacier and have a steep climb to join the path which leads through the pastures of Daltanas and Falolingkish. Crossing several deserted dwellings we reach at Hisper. Meals:Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day14: Hunza to Chilas/sost.6/7hours.Condition: normal. After breakfast we will drive to chilas/sost. After 6 to 7 hours we will arrive in sost or chilas.

Day 15:Chilass to Islamabad. 12 hours condition normal. Early morning after breakfast we will start diving towards Islamabad via Abatabat abter 12 hours we will arrive in Islamabad.

If 4 parsons per person 1950 USD
If 6 parsons per person 1800 USD
If 8 parsons per person 1700 USD
If 10 parsons per person 1550 USD

1 Local Transportation: Islamabad to Islamabad
2 Guide
3 Cook, helper
4 Potters
5 Trekking food for Members and potters
6 Rescue fee
7 Camping fee
8 Mass Ten, Kitchen tent, Members tent
9 porters, guide cooks helpers insurance
10 Bridges fee

1 Mineral water Coca-Cola etc
2 Tips for Guide cook potters and others
3 if any member ill and extra potters and helicopter
4 extra days above itinerary
5 Extra Luggage

****適合獨立自主有空有錢, 有體力, 有些高山登山經驗的朋友 如果有高山症或受傷扭到腳等等, 團隊有人會陪你先下山******

目前大概有三人確定 人多價錢就更低
agent 會發邀請函, 建議寄到香港申請簽證。
希望在2016/12月前確定人數,2 月前付訂金 (3成)

我是女性, 67年次, 去過100個國家
去年也旅遊過巴基斯坦 走過Shating base camp&Burj la trek 明年也會跟同一個團隊一起走
曾經有爬過祕魯印加古道, 尼伯爾安納普納大環線, 聖母峰基地營(從Jiri開始,加走Cho La Pass/Gokyo), 干城章嘉基地營,藍塘, 肯亞山, 坦尚尼亞吉力馬札羅等山(最高上過5985m), 西班牙的朝聖之路 本身不算愛運動但喜歡拍照. 我的攝影連結https://www.instagram.com/vonlin/

有興趣請跟我聯絡(私訊,Line: vonlin, email: ylin2005@gmail.com )

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