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2021 保加利亞旅遊攻略。跟著攝影師 TOTO KUO 遊普羅夫迪夫/歐洲最古老的城市之一。必去景點推薦

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Nestling in the south part of Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a leading cultural, religious, wine and shopping destination which never fails to reveal exciting, new facets of its character.

With its 8-millennia history, Plovdiv has been proclaimed the oldest continuously-inhabited city in Europe and the 6-th oldest in the world. The city has been listed under #3 in «ТOP 10 most beautiful ancient cities in the world». It was also included in the Lonely Planet’s rank of «ТOP 10 must-visit destinations in 2015».


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As a 2019 European Capital of Culture, this ancient city will reflect its Roman, Persian and Ottoman influences, and focus on Kapana, its new creative quarter

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Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria, and one of the two oldest cities in Europe. It sits on the large plain between the Rhodope Mountains on the south and the Balkan Range that runs through the centre of Bulgaria to the north. Both ranges are visible on clear days. The Maritsa River flows through the city on its way southeast before forming the Greek/Turkish border to the Aegean Sea.



You cannot come to Plovdiv and miss visiting Kapana district– the first quarter devoted to creative industries. Discover the art galleries and workshops, enjoy a drink in an art cafeteria, or explore the nightlife of Plovdiv with the variety of clubs which will perfectly satisfy your expectations for a wonderful evening out. Kapana is also a venue of various festivals and artistic events.

Kapana is now the creative heart of the city, a pedestrianised area full of shops, restaurants and galleries. In the 1990s it was a parking zone full of ruined houses. The transformation began in 2014, when 10 creative enterprises moved into the area, funded by the European Capital of Culture Foundation, and things have taken off from there. The best place to enjoy the city’s art scene is a space called Cu29. It combines a cafe and gallery and was established by artist Velizar Dimchev to promote emerging talent from Plovdiv. Afterwards grab a drink at Kapana’s coolest cocktail bar, Ginger Tale.


Plovdiv is perhaps the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe, whose history began around 6000 BC. It used to have seven tall hills, some of which were used for quarries. It began as a Thracian settlement called Eumolpias. The city has changed its name many times with new settlers and rulers: from Philippoupolis and Pulpudeva ("the city of Philip", the father of Alexander the Great), through Trimontium ("the three hills"), to Pəldin, Pləpdiv (Плъпдив) and Plovdiv. They also left their marks behind: there are several Roman ruins that can be seen in or near the city center area. During the long occupation by the Ottoman Empire, a large mosque, still present, was built in the center of the city. During Communist times, a statue of the unnamed Russian soldier was erected on one of the three main hills which overlook the city.


Today, Plovdiv is a famous tourist destination and serves as a gateway to many other points of interest. Plovdiv is well known for hosting the Plovdiv International Fair twice a year and for its ancient, medieval and enlightenment sites.

普市已有一千多年的歷史,是保民族復興的發源地之一,保民族英雄波特夫、列夫斯基和大作家伐佐夫都曾在這裡生活過。該市地處保中南部最富庶的農業區,四周平原寬廣,土地肥沃,盛產糧食、水果和蔬菜 。





Various sites and activities turn Plovdiv into a real treasure on Earth, which must be discovered. Culture and architecture: The pearl of the city – The Old Town has preserved historical layers from Prehistorical, Thracian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, middle Ages, Revival and Modern Times. Extremely well-preserved are the Roman monuments and mosaics, as well as the churches and the Revival houses, most of which have been turned either into museums, or boutique hotels and restaurants.
原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10463555



Hisar Kapia is a medieval gate in Plovdiv's old town and one of the most famous tourist sights in the city. The gate was built in the 11th century AD over the foundations of a gate from Roman times. Hisar Kapia is one of the three entrances to the acropolis of ancient Plovdiv. During the rule of the Ottoman empire revival houses were embedded in the remains of the old stone walls around the gate.

Old Plovdiv is compact and walkable, with the main downtown road blocked to car traffic. There is a good collection of Bulgarian revival buildings in use as museums, hotels, and restaurants etc. and is worth a visit if you have a chance.

Plovdiv was built on seven hills. There are actually only six now: one was quarried for materials to construct the city centuries ago. The most popular for tourists is Nebet Tepe, one of the three hills of the Old Town. The earliest archaeological remains date from 4,000BC (Plovdiv claims to be the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe). But Bunardzhik Tepe, also known as Alyosha Hill, with its huge Soviet soldier statue looming at the summit, is particularly special. The view from the top is superb and it’s often a setting for open-air parties.

Plovdiv is located on seven hills which perfect places for sport and cultural events. The romantic atmosphere of the city can be felt everywhere – whether enjoying Lake with the Singing fountains, or having a drink in an art cafeteria.

Top events all-year-round: Plovdiv regularly hosts high-level events set in various areas, which venues include some cultural sites.



photo by Plovdiv tourism office

The Ancient Theatre is Plovdiv’s most famous cultural landmark: a Roman amphitheatre in a dramatic position on a hill above the city. Visitors can enjoy performances by the Plovdiv Opera and its international guests while sitting on ancient marble seats looking over the whole city centre, with the Rhodope mountains in the distance – a breathtaking spectacle.

A touch of art: The diversity of art galleries and museums makes Plovdiv a must-visit destination. Especially attractive is Kapana District, which is the district of creative industries with plenty of art shops offering various artistic activities and trendy cafes and bars with unique atmosphere and coziness. The area of Kapana has become favorite place for the locals as it host number of festivals and artistic events. Kapana District will also play main role in the cultural program of Plovdiv in 2019 when the city will be the European capital of culture.


保加利亞旅遊攻略。奇妙的橋樑-巴科科沃修道院-阿森要塞-普羅夫迪夫一日遊。TOP ATTRACTIONS IN PLOVDIV AREA, BULGARIA



All photos by Toto Kuo
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