[東南亞綜合]受EF遊學("FUN享你的異國故事"#effunshare201917/08/26越南的三周行即將進入尾聲,而這趟...oying the mesmerised day.胡志明市神奇交通於胡志明合影峴港一景峴港日出峴港街景峴港一景夏令營團體照日本友人來台
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原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10242298


非常非常感謝我的家人的支持、和教授我的越南語清水老師 推薦了我,讓我有幸能參與學校的這項計畫、體驗這趟奇幻之旅。



此外,我認識了志同道合的好室友 – 來自日本的Riku,但人和善、且健談,因此我們在這段期間共度了許多很棒的時光。我亦必須向其他幾位日本朋友致上深深謝意,他們總是肝膽相照、幽默,和他們相處大家總是和樂融融。

還有另外四位令我永遠難忘印尼的朋友:Hana, Dinda, Putri, and Dito. 我們總是談天說地,而和他們對話時常讓我展露出我最瘋狂的那面、亦感到非常自在。一定要記得我,你們的IndoneSean! 哈!

而在此認識的本地朋友:Bang, Linh, Alex, and Hhoa,你們的熱情、用心也非常難忘,若少了你們的協助、陪伴,這次夏令營一定會少了大半趣味,非常謝謝你們的款待!

最後,必須知會在台灣的家人、朋友們,抱歉我無法及時回應你們訊息,這邊的網路速度太令人沮喪…… 而且他們提供了滿滿行程、活動,通常回到宿舍也晚了。

峴港 – 一座被綠色包圍,鬱鬱蔥蔥的城市,下次見了!

感覺從這趟奇境遊回家是一、兩天前的事,但居然已過一年多;大家依然有保持聯絡,不論是用通訊軟體、亦者視訊。而去年3月11日,其中一位日本朋友帶著他的夥伴們,帶著很有意義的理由來訪 – 為了感謝台灣人在2011年,於311大地震時的援助。我並在當日充當了一日導遊,在九份陪他們度過一個嶄新、敘舊的一天。



It's coming to the end of the tree-week Vietnam trip, which totally reverse my initial imagination of the country.

The following conversation kept appearing when mentioning the coming trip to Vietnam: "Can't think of anything good there.", "A poor country.", "Lots of them come as workers or helps." I was influenced by these words at some degree owing to the lack of experience of being there in person, reckoning Vietnam is not far from the situation they described.

I do really need to appreciate my family and also my beloved Vietnamese teacher Joey Tran. Were it not for them, there's no way I could come to this amazing place!!

Finishing the Taiwanese business entrepreneurs on Aug. 12 in Ho Chi Ming ,which is a prosperous city, I first witnessed various ancient ruins, cultures, local foods and the most impressive thing here: the traffic. The unbelievably messy traffic (in a goodway) was literally ordered in chaos, it was like every riders and drivers who steer close to each other has their own invisible paths on the road. They did not give in the path they were ongoing to each other, but they did had a way not to jeopardisethe other drivers. Moreover, the skyscraper looked like the building in marvel movie, the boutique stores were absolutely stunning, they were so similar and no less than the ones in Taipei but the style of the buildings were much more attractive and stared in the city in their own ways. In addition to these specialties of the city, I got to know deeper of some nice people also in STUST, and took quite a few satisfying pictures. After that there came the summer camp in the middle of Vietnam: Da Nang, which utterly became one of the most splendid parts of my memory in life (those were also the days English was used the most frequently in my life and I found it languages absolutely are THE KEY to another world).

There were only Billy and me from Taiwan which I was actually worried I would not be able to get along with all of the participants successfully, but everything turned out to be totally different as imagined! We even bumped into a guy also from the same country as ours studying in the school so close to STUST!

Beside, I met the best roommate ever from Japan (Riku) who's so nice and chatty, so we did have a superb time hanging out together. Also there're lots Japanese who treated me incredibly well, which I by all means appreciate that.

Moreover, there were four Indonesians I will never forget: Hana, Dinda, Putri, and Dito. We enjoyed lots of time talking of everything under the sun (and the moon of course, ha) and they are the ones who dragged out my crazy true colour. They indeed always made me feel like at home. Do remember me -- IndoneSean!

As for the local friends I met, such as Bang, Linh, Alex and Khoa, you all were incredibly passionate and warm-hearted. Without you all this summer camp would not go so amazing. Thanks so so much for your hospitality!

Time does fly, two weeks past really fast. The precious memories which we made together will be everlasting and inscribed in my mind for good. This is not the end of it, instead, it would be the beginning of our strong-bonded relationship which will surely keep going. Wish I could see you all soon either in Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Honduras!

Last but not least, sorry for all my friends and family in Taiwan that I could not send the texts in no time every day owing to the internet here is frustrating… and there are so many activities to join here that I usually come back to dorm very late.

Da Nang, the city highly surrounded by green. See you next time!


The day I came back just feels like a day or two ago, but it has surprisingly been over a year since I visited the magical world. Connections still remain among us, we chat sometimes, either in LINE or using webcam; last year in March 11th, there was one of my Japanese mates met in the camp along with his friends came for a profound reason: To show their gratitude of the donation for the dreadful earthquake hit their country on the same date in 2011 and I was the tour guide that day showing them around in Jiufen. We were having fun caching up and enjoying the mesmerised day.

原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10242298









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