[歐洲旅遊好文]//本篇文章是由Tom Eldridge翻譯。//從什麼時候自己開始愛上旅行的呢?或許是從我發現原來世界的另個角落與台灣這麼不一樣的那...ve turned into a sociological rant- is everybody still awake??原文刊載:
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舊 旅行給了我觀察一座城市的機會:原來倫敦你這麼寂寞、也那麼溫暖An Observation of London: The Paradox of Loneliness and - 2018-12-15, 09:53

//本篇文章是由Tom Eldridge翻譯。//


When did I begin to fall in love with travel? Perhaps on the same day I realized how different other parts of the world are from Taiwan. Or perhaps when I realized that even within the same city each nook and cranny can vary considerably. I often wonder, if I was born in another country, would I essentially be the same person I was destined to be or due to cultural and social differences become somebody completely unrecognizable?



It seems clear that it’s the latter. Why else would each place have its own unique culture? Travelling allows us the opportunity to observe and experience these cultural differences first-hand.

When you first set foot in an unfamiliar city, you undoubtedly will feel nervous, excited, uneasy and completely taken in by the novelty of the experience. If you return to the same place afterwards, besides the aforementioned feelings, you may also feel a sense of familiarity and also of conflict- this arises because after the feeling of novelty passes, we begin to notice the differences between our current environment and what we’re used to. This is nothing other than culture shock.

旅遊與旅行又有什麼不同呢?I don’t wanna be a tourist,I should be a traveler.

Is there a difference between a tourist and a traveler? I don’t wanna be a tourist, I should be a traveler.
In my mind, tourists see the beautiful, popular and “photo-friendly” side of a place, while travelers try to see the nitty gritty true face of the same place. This is comparable to romance in a way- after the initial honeymoon phase, are you still attracted to the place? Does it still have a hold on you? After you see its true colors, do you want to remain there?

原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10212350

On this return trip to London, I felt a multitude of emotions and also observed an array of touching scenes and moments. Perhaps from the perspective of a tourist-to-be in England, these descriptions of various layers of reality are unessential, however if truth be told, the ability to calmly observe and digest your surroundings will add depth to your experience and understanding of your travel destination. You will simply see and feel more.

倫敦真的好好玩,只要你想,每天都有做不完的事情。倫敦也很開放(Open minded),只要你想,你可以完全做自己想做的事情,只要你願意,你可以讓大家注意到你。

London is a very happening place, there is a limitless supply of things to do- the only limit is your own imagination. London is also very open-minded, you can do anything your heart desires- the only limit is your own creativity. If you want to be noticed, you’ll surely be noticed.

倫敦每天每天每天都有超級多事情發生,有逛不完的市集、參加不完的活動還有逛不完的景點,倫敦真的非常的大,人口非常的多,有著不同的種族與文化的火花,到處都有展覽可以看,像是我很喜歡二手市集跟文創品,就算來了倫敦兩趟、待了一個月這時間,我還是逛不完倫敦所有的東西。而且各大知名的歌手、音樂盛典,基本上絕對不會漏掉倫敦,像是我最近很愛的Chet Faker就要在倫敦辦演唱會了,還有像是台灣很夯的Arcadia(好拉,他是來自倫敦所以當然會在倫敦)每個星期都有Event,都有臨時市集,每天市區的每個角落都有不同的派對,只要你想,你可以玩到自己斷氣。也因為這樣,在倫敦我一直覺得一天24小時不夠用,因為我永遠都有參加不完的活動,也因為這樣,住在倫敦好幾年的人都會跟我說:在這座城市千萬不要太貪心,不然你會被自己忙死(笑)

Amazing things happen in London every day! There is a never-ending supply of markets to stroll, activities to participate in, exhibitions to browse, and sights to see. London is a huge city with a huge population, it is also a cultural melting pot with representatives from all over the globe. I personally like second hand shops and stationery, but even though I’ve been here twice and this time for a whole month, I’ve only scratched the surface of what London has to offer in this department. In addition, every well-known singer and star will of course make a stop in London, for example one of my recent favorites Chet Faker is about to perform here as well as Arcadia (OK that’s cheating, he’s from London). There is always some be-there-or-be-square event every week, lots of pop-up fairs, and a hip party going on in each part of the city. If you look, you’re sure to find something to your liking. Due to the never-ending supply of activities, it truly feels like 24 hours per day is inadequate in London. Many Londoners confided in me: Don’t be too greedy for fun here, or you will tire yourself till you drop dead!


You’ll see all sorts of people in London from all over the world, in fact it’s hard to find Londoners who were born and raised there! I chatted with approximately 20 Londoners during my trip, only 1 of whom was brought up in the city. Due to this factor, cultural awareness and tolerance are extremely high here. No matter what you wear or what you look like, nobody’s going to give you a second glance and nobody’s going to comment on your appearance. You’re just another piece of the social and cultural puzzle. I must say, although in Taiwan I am generally happy, I do weary of constant judgement and gossip, including that found in news media (although this weariness led to the desire to write a blog, so there’s that). In Taiwan we always use our own standards to evaluate the lifestyle choices of others, and often forget the importance of acceptance and cultural relativity. If everybody adopted this shortsighted mentality, we would simply follow each other around in a circle and never make any true advancements or progress. Thank goodness in history there have been those unafraid to step out of the circle and tread their own path, otherwise modern inventions such as the lightbulb, automobile, and computer would be nowhere to be seen.


However, behind the sounds of music and applause in every opera house , the echoes of laughter in each bar, and the sparkling lights of skyscrapers and high rises, lies a deep, penetrating, and unmistakable sense of loneliness.


原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10212350



「Are people here truly happy?」

In London, I observed that workers and students are the loneliest of the whole bunch. Everybody is here in the big city trying to make a name for themselves, thus there’s no time for them to stop to listen to you or take care of you; they’ve all got bigger things on their mind. Perhaps the major underlying cause for this loneliness is simply the cost of living. One of my friend’s rent is approximately 30,000 NTD per month, then tack on transportation fees (the subway is not cheap here!), cost of food, and additional daily expenditures…with all these expenses dogging you, where exactly can you find time to relax, enjoy life, maybe pursue a romantic interest? That’s right, most people I asked in London said they didn’t have time to date. One woman told me she has to swap guys every several months because nobody cares to spend much time or effort on dating. Upon asking Londoners whether this is correct or not, I was told this is simply London culture; unless the pair live nearby, nobody is excited at all to take time out of their busy schedules to go meet their date with any frequency, so the chances of a fairy tale ending are slim at best.

A man who has been working here for 8 years told me the following: All those guys laughing together and having a grand old time in the bars here are merely talking themselves up; nobody is really true friends with another. I discovered myself how talky and over the top locals can be (although on the surface this seems to be a negative, in fact it is not for after all, in the big city if you don’t know how to sell yourself then nobody will notice you) and how skilled everybody is at conversation, but to a certain extent there is a feeling of not being heard. It’s incredibly easy to have a conversation here, but to leave an impression on somebody or to truly be heard is another story, since who cares what you have to say anyways?

Consequently, every time I come here there is an inescapable sense of loneliness.


英國的服務生應該是我看過最喜歡聊天的人了哈哈,就連倫敦你都可以在一天的開始、在買咖啡的時候得到最有誠意的問候然後開始你快樂的一天哈哈哈哈哈哈哈,運氣好的話店員還會跟你小聊一下,雖然是Small talk(就是不怎麼重要的那種今天過得好嗎之類的)但也比臭臉來得好~~我這次來倫敦真的愛上這種可愛的噓寒問暖。

再來就是你如果有在研究一些英國品牌的話,可以看見他們對於社會企業、永續經營、生態環境的重視,有非常多使用再生紙、小農食材的咖啡廳,也有不少綠色標章的飯店,我必須承認英國人(也可以說北歐、西歐國家)對於社會回饋的重視真的超越亞洲一大步,像是我很愛的品牌Beara Beara就是個講求公平貿易的小眾品牌(好拉,如果說小眾品牌本來就很文青,那其實大品牌像是Neal’s Yard也是有在重視生態環境的)另一個雜誌品牌Big Issue也是來自倫敦,你們可能也在台北街頭上看過有在賣Big Issue雜誌的街友們,講求著「與其給他們魚吃,不如教他們如何釣魚」的精神,給予街友自己賺取金錢的機會,在英國各個城市都可以看見穿著紅背心、賣著Big Issue的街友們,社會企業在英國真的是發展的滿成熟的,只要你想你可以參與許多相關的活動。




That being said, London can also be incredibly warm and welcoming; I’ve encountered countless kind souls here.

English customer service workers are peerless in terms of chatting ability! When you grab a coffee to start your day, you may very well be bombarded by all kinds of questions regarding your well-being, the sincerity of which are unquestionable, and mark a fortuitous beginning to a long and happy day. The barista may continue this banter all the way until you walk out the door, and although it’s just simple small talk, it certain beats being greeted coldly and mechanically by a mile. In fact on this trip to London, I’ve particularly taken a liking to this kind of chitchat.

If you research various English brands and companies, you’ll discover the value attached to social enterprises and sustainability; many use recycled materials as well as local produce and there are an abundance of green-certified restaurants. I must admit, the English (and many other countries in Northern and Western Europe) are far, far superior to most Asian nations on these ecological and social issues; for example, one of my favorite small market brands Beara Beara advocates fair trade (mainstream brands such as Neal’s Yard also stress environmental friendliness), and the magazine Big Issue also originated in London (perhaps you’ve seen this magazine being sold on the streets of Taipei). Big Issue extols a “Don’t give a hungry man a fish, teach him how to fish” stance and creates a money-making opportunity for disadvantaged citizens. You’ll see these red-vested newspaper peddlers in every city in England, and there are endless opportunities to support social enterprises and participate or volunteer in related activities. Social work is extremely well-developed here.

Speaking of the disadvantaged, there was one night I walked past a bar and overheard an exchange between a vagrant (they are everywhere in London) and a well-dressed gentleman; the gentleman asked the vagrant, “Have you had anything to eat today? You need my help in buying a little something? What would you like?”

This incident happened near the conclusion of my trip, just when I had given up all hope in Londoners and decided everybody here is cold, heartless, and too busy to care. I realized all along it had been me who was too busy to stop for a second and look at all the good that is being done in every corner of every street! Perhaps it was God himself who directed my vision to this scene, if you believe in that sort of thing!

「If it was you, would you have done it?」





In reality, no place is perfect, and London is no exception, but this very reason prompts one to appreciate all the good that can be found here. Although there may be lonely nights at the dinner table, and other challenges to face, this is a place to be cherished and loved, a place to delve deeper into.

London may never be my favorite city. That being said, I will keep coming back ad infinitum.

Hmm~ this article may or may not have turned into a sociological rant- is everybody still awake??

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舊 回覆: 旅行給了我觀察一座城市的機會:原來倫敦你這麼寂寞、也那麼溫暖An Observation of London: The Paradox of Loneliness - 2018-12-18, 11:02

是, 倫敦是我每年都會去一次去玩的地方.這裡可以給回我童年時香港的景象.我太回念以前了.但我對筆者所享往人和事係有少少保留.
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感謝 妳的分享!很詳細!也讓我覺得很棒!
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