[斯里蘭卡]這篇既是斯里蘭卡的遊記集匯,亦是介紹司機導遊Janakakumara Serasinghe(Sera)的推介文。This post i...o so. Just give him your camera and you will get satisfying photos!
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這篇既是斯里蘭卡的遊記集匯,亦是介紹司機導遊Janakakumara Serasinghe(Sera)的推介文。
This post is both some tips about how to plan your trip to Sri Lanka and recommendation of a excellent driver-guide Janakakumara Serasinghe (Sera).
原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10242641

First, I put Sera’s contact at the very beginning, everyone going to Sri Lanka should reach him at:
WhatsApp, Line: +94 71 344 5067
Wechat ID: seraaaaas
Email: janakasera@gmail.com

我倆原本有打算自己坐車到處玩,但斯里蘭卡的巴士跟火車有點隨性,Goggle Map找不到班次又沒有公司網頁,所以最後決定包車。剛巧有朋友遲一陣子會到斯里蘭卡,她已經約好了Sera,我們問她取了Sera聯絡電話,就Whatsapp Sera跟他談行程。我們在背包客棧上找到Sera的好評如潮,剛好他又有9天時間可以接待我倆(他前後一天也恰好有Tour),談了價錢就立馬Book他!
At first, we plan to go around on our own by public transport, but we find it quite difficult to figure out how train and bus companies run in Sri Lanka. We couldn’t find the schedules as well as websites of them, hence we turned to hiring a car for the whole trip. We know a friend is going to Sri Lanka later, and she has already reserved Sera. After getting Sera’s contact, we whatsapped him and come up with our itinerary. We read Sera’s good comments on the internet, and luckily Sera would get 9 days for us (in between other two tours), we made the deal right away.

Well done! Sera!

收費相宜 Reasonable fee

I was not the one responsible for coming up the itinerary, but what I know is just telling Sera where we must go, Sera helped us to plan the route, joining dots into lines. The itinerary changed when we travelled, maybe we changed our mind to try something new, or Sera suggested ways to streamline our trip. Anyway we talked and made things work.

Sera offered US$440 for 9-day tour, fee included:

Unlimited kilometers,
Parking fees,
Express way tolls,
All government taxes,
Passengers insurance,
Air conditioning Japanese car,
My meals.
If hotelsnot provide driver's accommodation, need to pay additional 8 USD per each night

簡單說,就是全包了。我們有問過其他司機報價,是按公里收費,超出預算公里數另外收費,而Sera就是無限距離。除非酒店沒有提供司機房,就要另給Sera US$8(我們8晚中有3晚要付)。 我們第一天先付US$200,餘額可以最後一天才全數給他。我們覺得他做得實在很好,最後一天付他10% Tips他也十分高興。
Simply speaking, everything is included. We had quotations from other drivers, some of them charged according to milages, that means extra money would be needed for exceeding certain amount of travelling distance. But Sera covers unlimited kilometers. And unless our accommodations do not provide driver’s room, US$8/night is needed to give Sera (there was no driver’s room in 3 nights out of total 8 nights). We paid US$200 to Sera on the first day, and the balance could be paid on last day. We really thought Sera did an excellent job so we gave him 10% tips and he was very satisfied.

食住安排妥當 No worries for food and accommodation

很有才的康堤小孩 Talented kids in home stay in Kandy

在康堤他帶我們住在他朋友的家, 那裡的幾個小孩找我們傾談和玩遊戲,又為我們表演唱歌跳舞,很是難忘。
Except the first night, we didn’t book any accommodation (Our plane took off at 11pm and host of homestay called a Uber to pick us up). Sera recommended the rest. He would gave us suggestions for accommodation for that night, then told us the price, and if we said we could consider that, he drove us there and let us check the room, if everything was alright then he would leave.
In Kandy, Sera took us to a house of his friend. Kids there were lovely and we played and chatted, they even gave us a unforgettable performance: guitaring, singing and dancing.

而吃飯也如是, 如果住宿處不包早餐,他就帶我們去簡單的餐廳吃;午餐的話,他也會介紹餐廳給我們,當然餐廳的收費因應旅遊點而有高低,但總的來說他介紹的餐廳是挺划算,他會等我們安頓好才到別處自己吃飯。所以那9天我的腦就沒有放在頭上,Sera安排得很妥當。
And so was the arrangement for getting food . Sera took us for breakfast if accommodation did not provide any. For lunch, he brought us to restaurants. Of course some restaurants locating at popular tourist spots were more expensive, but overall the restaurants he recommended were worth to go. He had us ordered food and settled down, then he went somewhere to eat. In those 9 days, I didn’t bother to think so much and Sera took care of us very well.

專業服務態度 Professional services

皇帝椰子初體驗 First taste of king coconut

Sera斯文有禮,乾淨整潔,友善好客,工作時總是穿著恤衫西褲示人 。他英文也說得很好,因此很多香港或台灣旅客都會找他。 第一天見面,他就給我們買了King Coconut做Welcome Drink,又試過把車泊在路邊買水果請我們吃。
Sera is polite, tidy and friendly. When he works, he wears neatly. He speaks fluent English, Hong Kong and Taiwan people are easy to communicate with him. First day we saw him, he pulled-overed his car and bought us king coconuts as welcome drinks. And he stopped by fruit stalls and let us taste local fruits.
When we arrived tourist spots (especially Buddhist temples), Sera accompanied us and toured us the sightseeing. If he had to be in his car, he explained clearly what to pay attention about the tourist spots: for example avoiding some asking-for-money guides, giving tips to people keeping ours shoes, buying flowers for us to give temples.
原文載於: 背包客棧自助旅行論壇 https://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=10242641

舒適車安全駕 Comfy car, safe drive

Sera’s driving skill is nice, despite the traffic is chaotic in Sri Lanka, he manages to drive steadily and safely. When we moved along winding roads, we still felt good, at least my partner slept very well. Sera’s car is a 5-seater (including driver 5 ppl), I think it fits 3 persons with one luggage per head, the boot may not be suitable for 4 persons’ luggages. But! Sera knows some friends who own a larger van, so if you are going to Sri Lanka, do not hesitate to reach Sera first and let him introduce his friends to you.

Air con in the car is acceptable. Sri Lanka day time is super hot, there needs certain extent of patience and tolerance inside the car. We have visited the beach and we brought sands on the car, the next day we got back to the car and it was clean again.

Sera’s photography skill is better than most of the boyfriends, I guess!


Sera is good at taking nice photos, and he loves to do so. Just give him your camera and you will get satisfying photos!

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我上期六WhatsApp and wechat Sera,很快就回覆。 我們先問他我們在斯里蘭卡的日子他有没有空給我們包車。 晚上我们已經confirm booking了
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