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2012-10-22, 03:05
我們打算在GC生活找工作 所以會長住
希望能在市區十到十五分鐘走路可到的地方 靠海邊的房子為佳
公共設施不要求 只希望房子能有wifi
或者mail給我 謝謝
我的mail : neil.7425@gmail.com


Hello, I'm Neil.

We are a couple (one Japanese one Taiwanese) who will be arrive Gold Coast on 11th of Nov. We wish to find a share house that the prize is around 100~130AUD per week. We plan to find a job in GC so we are gonna stay long time there (should be over 3 months.) Hope the place can be near to the city, 10~15 mins by walking is fine, if close to the beach will be wonderful! Wifi will be necessary for the share house, other facilities not required. Wish can get many informations from u guys! Now I'm in Japan so I still can't use AU number, if u have any informations bout this, "Please" send me email! I'll be appreciate about that! Thank you!

Here is my email < neil.7425@gmail.com >

Best Regards

GC住宿徵求 Wanted: Share houses in Gold coast ««« 查看完整圖文版