奧克蘭 Sylvia Park 附近 share house 雙人房出租($135 per person/week) ««« 查看完整圖文版

2012-08-13, 12:53

在這裡幫忙刊登住宿資訊也順便尋找有緣室友,現有一間 Share House 鄰近奧克蘭最大購物商場 Sylvia Park,尚有一間雙人房等待有緣人入住,可以是情侶或是兩個好友,希望是長期住戶。

房子地點非常方便,走路兩分鐘可到購物商場,商場內有超市 Pack'n Save、Warehouse、Countdown等等,另有各家銀行以及郵局,還包含各國美食區跟各式日常用品、電子產品店家。交通方面,Sylvia Park是奧克蘭最大購物商場,因此公車路線眾多,假日也不用煩惱沒有公車;從居住地點走路五分鐘即抵達火車站,站名是 Sylvia Park,對於通勤族來說非常方便。


此房非常適合在Sylvia Park附近工作的背包客。如有需求歡迎聯繫我,phone#: 0223027226 或 Email: alice110383@hotmail.com

Dear all:

We are looking for roommates in a share house nearby Sylvia Park shopping mall. Now we are looking for a couple or two good friends that want to stay in this double room. It's preferred for a long term stay.

The location of the house is quite convenient and private, you could walk to the shopping mall within two minutes. Inside the mall, there are several supermarkets like Pack'n Save, Warehouse, and Countdown, banks and post office. Also, there are several food and necessary stores that could satisfy your needs. Furthermore, the bus stops and train station called Sylvia Park are within five minutes walking. On weekends, since Sylvia Park is the biggest shopping mall in Auckland, you don't have to worry about the buses being shutdown. It's quite convenient for people who takes the transportation to work.

Talking about the house, there are three bedrooms, two are double rooms and another one is a four person share room. Only eight people will stay in the house. Everyone will share the public area and bathroom. The public areas, like living room and kitchen are very spacious. Also, it has a huge backyard where you could enjoy a relaxing afternoon or night view. In general, this place does have fantastic life quality. The rent will be $135 per per per week.

The house will be fit to people who works nearby Sylvia Park or travellers want to stay in Auckland for months. If anyone is interested in staying at this double room, please feel free to contact me with phone call or email. Below is my contact info:
Phone#: 0223027226
E-mail: alice110383@hotmail.com


奧克蘭 Sylvia Park 附近 share house 雙人房出租($135 per person/week) ««« 查看完整圖文版