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2006-01-13, 20:16
由於機位關係,小弟要在Santa Cruz入境並小住兩天o
誰問Santa Cruz有沒有好玩的地方? <:o)

2006-01-16, 22:50
Sorry. Nothing interesting in Santa Cruz.... Santa Cruz is biggest city and richest city in Bolivia. So that´s mean more expensive then any other city.
There have a lot of Chinese and Asian people there.

Av. Canoto all Chinese there!!! There have one Taiwanese Pollo restaurant there. Monetor Pollo is biggest one on the street.

cheapest Hotel
arround calle Santa Barara y Junin
30bs arround

Daren@ Santa Cruz, Bolivia


[玻利維亞]Santa Cruz ««« 查看完整圖文版