farm jobs and 2nd working visas ««« 查看完整圖文版

hang jin
2012-06-11, 16:04

Jobs requirement:

types of grape:
prunning- prefer boys
rolling vines-

oranges picking-
madarians picking-

most of these jobs paid by contract, some by hourly such as picking, planting chilly, and packing oranges in the factory

Here is a backpacker hostel, located in 500 kilos from Melbourne with free washing machines, free internet, DVD players, TVs and full kitchens facilities. the rent is $130/week, $50 deposit that you will get it back before you leave and $5 transportation (go and come back from farm) if you need.
all the jobs with 2nd visas and normally will start work in 1 or 2 days after come
contact vicky on 0401852955 (english) if you are intersted!

farm jobs and 2nd working visas ««« 查看完整圖文版