有人在Kandy做過阿育吠陀(Ayurveda)完整療程嗎? ««« 查看完整圖文版

2011-12-04, 19:02
有Ayurveda(按摩搭配瑜伽和飲食的傳統療法)的week package
700歐元 含 機場接送 吃住和療法(漲了100歐)

不過LP也提到 這家的光線比較暗
值得做week package嘛?
做traveler’s packages體驗一下就夠了?

For one weeks package, you will get
4 hours treatments every day. 2 hours morning and 2 hours evening.
Doctor will check your body condition every day and she will select treatments
and food according to your body type and condition every day.

There will be Laxative treatment to purify your stomach for the beginning of treatments.
Treatments are Full body massages, ( head,face,body, reflexology)
Steam baths, Heat therapies with herbal packs. Shirodhara, body scrubs.
If you are suffering with special illnesses there will be medicine and special food.
How ever the food will be traditional srilankan vegetarian food.
Food and treatments will be changed according to your body condition every day.

There will be one day free tour for one weeks treatment yo see the Botanical gardens
and the small temples around.
Accommodation is in a Villa. It is home stay accommodation with hot and cold water shower.
A double bed room. A single or double can be stayed in Country side.
Best time is Festival season. Kandy Esala Perahera time in August.

有人在Kandy做過阿育吠陀(Ayurveda)完整療程嗎? ««« 查看完整圖文版