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2005-10-25, 15:07
我們要在明年 2月6號7號 兩天參加會議 要去 Canary islands 中的 Lanzarote
是一個西班牙左下方的小島,想請問 有人去過嗎?? 需要注意什麼嗎?

1. 去那邊 很冷嗎 溫度有多少呢?
2. 那邊有便宜住宿的旅社嗎??
3. 那邊有什麼特別的地方
4. 可以從哪裡獲取相關資訊呢?

因為 從沒去過 這麼遠的地方 , 目前還不知道該如何到達 或當地的環境氣候是如何? 還想請問各位大大們 可以提供相關資訊嗎 非常感謝~~~


2005-10-25, 16:17
if you ask me , that is correct , i used to have a boy friend in las palamas (gran canarias )
if you want to visit there 12 months all year around is good season ,

suggest you

1. first fly to gran canarias (you don't need to buy ticket from taiwan) you can buy ticket directly in the website of www.iberia.com

2. from gran canaria , you can take the boat to visit other island
the transportation is quite convininient bus is 24 hours you will be suprised , also the author ms "san mao" and her husband used to live there with many artical she wrote about her life there , it is very interesting

every month is like spring in taiwan


西班牙 Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain 疑問! ««« 查看完整圖文版