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2011-03-20, 16:41
Hi, This is Emily from Hong Kong ^^

I am at New Zealand Queenstown now can stay and travel up to 3 months untill 16 th June in New Zealand.

I plan to go to a Help X ( similar as Woofing) host at Queenstown New Zealand to work for free accomodation and food with animals( Sheep, deer, cow) around 28th March, let me know if you are interested to join? Or just travel together for couple of days?

Welcome to contact me by email or contact me by
email: emily.lo.118@hotmail.com
or my N.Z. mobile:021 082 65650

Looking forward to hear from you soon^o^!


Mobile: 021 082 65650

2011-04-20, 00:48
Hi Emily,

Where are u now in new zealand? I'll fly to auckland 3 May and we can travel a couple days together if possible.



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