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2010-05-26, 11:13

How are you, my name is XXX.
1. I'm just wondering is there any position available?
2. I'm just wondering is there any job opening?
3. I'm available to work everyday anytime. Do you have any position available?

Can I leave my resume here incase you are looking for someone.
This is my resume.
I’m holding working holiday visa and living around (this) area.
I'm living at South of (住的地區名例如sunnybank hill...)

If there is any position available, please give me a call.
Thank you for your time. See you later.

Hi, how are you today?
1.May I speak to your hiring manager?
2.Actually I came by a week ago and left my resume. I’m just wondering if I can speak to your hiring manager (directly.)

情況來了,如果the answer is NO. !!!!
那麼….. 如果你不死心,可以再繼續接著問. (((就是一定要達成目的嘛!!!! 只有Hiring manager 或head-chef 才有決定用人的權力囉!!!)))

When will the manager come back?
(或 When will the manager be back?這句比較偏口語,較不正式的用法哦!)

OK, I will come back again. Thank you.

如果幸運遇到hiring manager. 可能會遇到的問題.

Q. Do you have any experienced in ((food industry食品業)) 或((hospitality industry 餐旅服務業)) 或 ((catering service industry 餐飲業)) ?
A. Yes, I do. I was vegetarian catering cook assistant. I also worked at McDonald's.

Q. How long?
A. I have worked about a year for each job. (或較口語的 Each job about a year.)

如果沒見到hand-chef ,是sous-chef或其他人,可能遇到的情況.
OK, the thing is the hand-chef is off today, and I’m a sous-chef. If you can leave your resume(C.V.) with me. And I’ll pass your resume to hand-chef.

I see. XXX(sous-chef的名字) if you don’t mind. Can you please tell me when the hand-chef will be in?
I would like to see him (or her?)

I would like to know his name, before I meet him. (her)
Or Could you tell me his(her) name.

I’m welling to do anything. ((當然的,請斟酌使用這句,把自己搞得這麼可憐,有沒有必要啊!!!!))
Team work 或 working in a group. 在廚房工作,應該都很重視這個”合群”.
Easygoing person.
Good with people 或 people person (2句意思是一樣的)
Love to learn.

2010-05-26, 11:38

衝啊~~~~~~~ 各位同學!!!!!

1. Hi, I saw your ads posted online yesterday. Is your restaurant still looking for kitchenhand?
2. Hi, I just saw your hiring ads (online), looking for kitchenhand.

A. OK, I’m just wondering is there position available?

如果回答: It’s been filled. 有人做了哦!!
A. OK, do you still have other position available? 問其他職缺

If possible when is a good time to come by?
((餐廳的rush time.就我這外行猜想.一定是三餐時間嘛.所以最好時間就是他們的10點前,和PM2.3點左右囉))

If possible when is a good time for interview?
If possible when are you free for interview?

If possible, how about tomorrow morning around 10 ? (or 2 ?)
直接說 ten 或 two .老外應該都聽的懂.

If possible, how about this morning around 10?
(((應徵工作千萬別因為心急,說了個趕不上應徵的時間,遲到是很不好滴!!!! )))

最後,就算覺得希望不大. 向hiring manager 或應徵的人要一下business card也可以想成有機會打電話再次尋問職缺.
May I have your business card?

When will you make decision?


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