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2006-10-18, 21:18

Below is the information you'd be interested if you are planning to go to Iran. I've just been there on my own in April. I have to say Iran is one of the most wonderful countries I've ever been to.

Visa requirements:

A 7-day tourist visa can be granted on arrival at major international airports in Iran with a fee of US$50.00 and a complete application form if you travel on HKSAR, Macau, Taiwan, PRC, New Zealand, Singapore or Portuguese passport (check with www.iranianvisa.com for more details). I was told that such visa is extendable. Ring the visa office, Tehran +98 21 44666821 for more details or Iranian Consulate in Hong Kong.

Visa Section
Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran
4010-4012 Office Tower Convention Plaza
1 Harbour Road
Hong Kong
Opening hours:0930-1230hrs (Mon-Fri)

Getting there and away

There is no direct flight to Iran from Hong Kong.
Gulf Air flies to Tehran, Mashad & Shiraz via Bahrain.
Qatar Airways flies to Tehran via Doha
Emirates Airlines flies to tehran via Dubai & Bangkok.
Cathay Pacific flies to Tehran via Bahrain (BAH-THR sector run by Iran Air or Gulf Air).

Iran Air also flies to Tehran from Beijing. Below is the information quoted from Iran Air Sales Office, Beijing +(86) 10 6512 4940/5 in February, 2006.

PEK - THR OW/Y RMB4,578++
PEK - THR - PEK M/C RMB6,276++
Q/C RMB6,686++
Y/C RMB7,086++

You may also like to fly to Tehran from Bangkok on Mahan Air. Visit www.saveflight.com or www.mahan.aero for details. There are also ferries to Iran from Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait and Qatar. Visit http://www.irantravelingcenter.com/valfajr8_persian_gulf.htm for more details.

Iran Air, Mahan, Iran Aseman Airlines and Kish Air serve the domestic network.

Exchange rate:
Small notes (US$1, 5, 10, 20) US$1=910 tomans (=9,100rials)
Big notes (US$50, 100) US$=915 tomans(=9,150rials)


1.Taxi to Shiraz city centre from the airport costs 3,000 tomans; the way back costs 2,000 tomans if you're lucky enough.

2.Autobus costs 25-50 tomans for one way, depending on how far you go and what kind of bus driver you bump into;

3.Roasted chicked combo (a quarter of fried chicken, salad, bread and a drink) costs 1,600 tomans;

4. In Shiraz, Sasan Hotel is far much better than Anvari Hotel in terms of room rate and sanitary condition. It's just next to each other. Judge it with your nose; in Esfahan, I checked in Naghshe, a local Iranian hotel, only few blocks away from Amir Kabir Hotel. Two-bed single costs 12,000 tomans a night. Spotless room, private bathroom, friendly staff.

5.Admission to Persepolis:400 tomans per person. You'll be invited to sign a guest book.

6.Charter a taxi to Persepolis (way to and back with two-hour waiting time) costs 10,000 tomans. Make sure you buckle up!

7. Admission to Eram Garden costs a hefty 4,000 tomans for non-Iranian. I insisted on paying local fee (500 tomans). The guard finally let me in with that 500 tomans but I wasn't given the ticket. What did the money go to? I wonder.

8. Domestic flight (Return) to Esfahan from Shiraz costs 39,200 tomans. Dirty cheap!


1.Taxi to Esfahan city centre from the airport costs 5,000 tomans for OW. I thought I was sort of ripped off. The way back I just paid 3,000 tomans. Ask the hotel to find a cab for you.

2.The teahouses under the old Si-so-se Bridge is something not to be missed. Having tea under the warm sun and breeze is sooooo refreshing. Small pot costs 200 tomans. You would also like to try the pipes.

3.Always greet people (especially police and soldires) by putting your right hand on your left chest and say 'salam'.

4.Don't be surprised if a big crowd asks for a signature from you (even if you're not a celebrity!) I had that funny experience in Persepolis. I felt like being Tom Cruise.

Drop me a line if you have any thoughts.


2007-01-18, 04:22
i dont see taiwan on the list. can u jsut make sure taiwanese able to apply this 7-day tourist visa can be granted on arrival at major international airports in Iran.

www.iranianvisa.com didnt mention taiwan on that list.


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