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2006-07-04, 23:20
Dear All,

I would like to visit Nordkapp anyone day between 31/7-10/8.....how I can go there???

From tourist guidebook, I can take bus from Finland Rovennia towrds there, and the arrival time is 00:30, and I will leave at 02:00, is it enough??

Also, if I want to see Mid-night sun, is it a good time??If not, can anyone suggest the best routine(E.g. from Olso towards there) to see it??

And is Nordkapp is worth to visit (As i need to spend 2 days ma....)


And, any anyone suggest a routine if I would like to visit some 峽灣 and 冰川??

Nordkapp Visit ««« 查看完整圖文版