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lisa yue
2014-04-02, 14:25


Mobile Phone Repair Technician
To work as a technician at Hallmark you will have great attention to detail and have a great knowledge in phone repairs.

Key duties and Responsibilities:
Repairing smart phones, mobile phones

Repairing mobile phones in a state of the art work shop environment

Able to work diligently in producing in quality repairs

Replace parts where necessary and as proven faulty

Software upgrades

Where electronic components are replaced, utilise hand soldering, hot air gun or BGA type soldering

Carry out quality control test on phones after repair

Respond to email requests from management for quality information

Observe OH&S practices

Administration / data entry of jobs

Time management and problem solving skills

Great work ethic and friendly attitude

If you are looking to work with a reputable phone repair company, please send resume to: accounts@hallmark.com.au

招聘手机维修人员 ««« 查看完整圖文版