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2014-03-20, 19:24
徵一人搭檔去batlow 摘蘋果。
by contract 所以徵手腳快的人士,如有興趣可以line 聯絡,或留下個人資料,盡快回覆。
Line ac :valiant00
Hi MR./Miss

We received Your apply jobs for"Apple picking " by your e-mail or phone call.
Work place Location :BATLOW NSW 2730
NEED TO BE WORK FOR A WHOLE SEASON (End of season around 18/05/14) ,if you think you can't work for a full season ,pls don't apply this job thank you .
Working 8 hours a day ,6 day per week
picking season start around "01/03/2014" (depend on the fruit and weather ) need to be here Batlow on ??/03 ready for work and induction training .
the work pay by contract ,we have (Fuji ,Gala,Red Del,Jazz,
Breaburn,Bonza)bin rate around $27 to $32 per apple bin could be more than that base on farmer . (depend on how fast you can pick ,faster you pick faster you make money )
A few work will be on hourly $20.29 per Hour
accommodation fee is $100.00per week room-4P
transport fee is $8.00 per day
If you work with this company will
they supply and do your "Tax 13% / Super fund 9.25% including /work Insurance / Second visa application qualification/job arrangement

The person are interesting to apply this job will be need to pay for a "Regional Service fee" $250.00 for just a one time fee that it's no any fee to pay until the season finish and the company "Regional service" will be provide .

Service provide
include book accommodation for worker ( accommodation fee charge by accommodation provider )
arrange transport for work purpose and weekly shopping. (worker need to pay for the transport fee charge by the transportation provider)
provide transport from the accommodation to the train or bus station when he or she come and leaves the job.

2014-03-21, 14:08
有興趣者留下個人資料或以line 聯絡。


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