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2014-03-14, 12:48
徵 April/14(Mon) AM7:10~April/18(Fri) PM3:00蘭嶼五日 高雄出發 以下均為單程或一日費用(隨行一位火車機票可半價住宿優惠並享受一次免費大餐)
Orchid Island , leaving from Kaohsiung, the fees down below are for single way/day( I can take 1 person half price train, flight & discount for room and 1 free big meal)

火車train 362
機票flight 1480
計程車taxi 150
機車 500/日 500 per day gas not included

住宿room 我那邊有認識的 單人房大床電扇(500/天) + 招待大餐一次(免費) 衛浴共用 I can bring only 1 person to have this discount: single room bouble bed your own, fan, no A/C (500/day) and one big meal for free, share the bathroom

19人座小飛機 一次只能預訂兩個 而且要先給名字 我們也可以約在那邊碰頭 跟我去的一位火車 機票半價
The plane has nineteen seats, can only make a reservation of 2 ppl one time, 1 limited half price of train, flight and discount for room with me, you have to give me your name to buy the ticket !!

4月份搭船去可以看飛魚 但是最好是不暈船體質
you can see the flying fish/skip jack by taking the ferry, but don't get seasick

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蘭嶼五日遊 有認識住當地牧師家~~高雄出發 ««« 查看完整圖文版