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2006-06-01, 08:59
东京,箱根八日!! 请帮忙!!

Day 1 (wed) : 5:30到筑地市场 7:30走--->8:00到六本木(just find the pieces of furnitur art for photos+ walk around)9:30走---->10:00 到浅草1:30 走--->around 2:00到台场-(大江戶語浸溫泉 可不可以穿泳衣??)--->back to shinjuku

Day 2 : (thurs)--->箱根 day trip, 主要visit 雕塑之森博物馆 + 大涌谷 then if have time 温泉 or premiumn outlet walk around---->back to shinjuku...Do I have to buy weekday pass for 箱根??
箱根浸溫泉 可不可以穿泳衣??

Day 3 : (Fri) 10:00到shunshine city1:00走--->1:30到东京,二重桥,皇居??3:30走--->4:00 到秋叶原7:00走--->Ropponggi 森之美术馆 for night view?? then dinner and pub...

Day 4: (Sat) 10:00 到宫奇俊博物馆 + 吉祥寺 2:00 走--->3:00到 saniro pourland6:00走--->shinjuku?? maybe later go to ropponggi for night life or so

Day 5 : (Sun) 10:30 到bandai museum 1:30走--->2:00到上野5:00走--->增上寺+ tokyo tower??

Day 6 : (Mon) 10:30 到 garden walk 1:30走--->2:30 到 meiji shrine..harajuku and so on...(How many hrs do i need in garden walk??0 is that better to go to harajukuu first then go to garden walk around 3:00pm?

2006-06-15, 19:38
大江戶語浸溫泉 可不可以穿泳衣?? -->no, you cannot
箱根浸溫泉 可不可以穿泳衣?? --> no, you cannot -- Day 2 - you may have a tight schedule on this day. Weekday pass will be a good value for transportation in Hakone (see website below for details) http://www.odakyu.jp/english/freepass/hakone_01.html


东京,箱根八日!! 请帮忙!! ««« 查看完整圖文版